Scrap Metal Services for New England

Purchasing and Selling:

JMG Trading has over 20 years of experience purchasing and selling various scrap metal commodities, including:


  • LT Iron
  • Cast Iron
  • #1 Heavy Melt
  • Unprepared machinery & Oversize
  • Railroad scrap (rail, OTM, switches)
  • Plate and structural
  • Tin can bundles


  • Aluminum
  • Copper and Brasses
  • Stainless Steels
  • Lead Acid Batteries

Demolition and Processing Capabilities

JMG Trading in  conjunction with Demo Salvage, can offer railroad car breaking, heavy torching, metal building demolition and general shearing of oversized materials.


JMG Trading is available to construct a scrap metal buisiness plan for your company.  From processing and packaging to marketing, JMG will be ther to guide your company to a profitable strategy that will maximize your scrap metal output.